Today, Lightsource uses its own capital to develop projects and fund new platforms, partnering with best-in-class capital partners. The majority of Lightsource’s operating assets have consistently performed above the base case throughout the past 5 years.

Asset Lifecycle Services

Since launch in 2010, Lightsource has sought to control the lifecycle of assets from development to full operational control - our Asset Lifecycle Services operations. The aim of this is to achieve continuous improvement in returns from projects.

Our integrated model provides higher profit capture than traditional, fragmented models:

Lightsource assets whether retained or sold are all tied to 25year+ life-of-asset operations, maintenance and asset management contracts that contribute to the performance of assets.

Scale advantages allow us to leverage our know-how, experience and balance sheet to provide better uptime performance and performance guarantees. Guarantees include balance sheet commitments that smaller operators are unable to provide.

Our model aligns interest with best-in-class, long-term capital partners. Lightsource receives fees throughout the life of the asset, from development fees to highly accretive value of long-term, predictable income streams and attractive performance incentives over life of assets.

Asset life extension – proper maintenance and oversight and good supply chain and adviser relationships allow life time extension for equity and debt markets. We have a strong corporate focus on predictive maintenance.

Operations and maintenance services

Our solar O&M division provides a full service to the whole of Lightsource’s portfolio including third party sites. Our unparalleled framework and extensive resources allow us to guarantee the performance of our clients’ solar PV systems. The underlying contracted cashflows for Lightsource’s O&M division have robust characteristics that differentiate it from the market standard.