Our Customer Charter

  1. We commit towards ensuring that customer care is at the centre of our business and that all procedures, systems and communication ensures that our customers are treated fairly and without prejudice.
  2. We aim to provide customers with exceptional service.
  3. Our customers will be empowered to make decisions on our products and services through open and honest communication.
  4. We will ensure the needs of our customers are considered when recommending our products and services.
  5. Our customers will be fully informed on the details of any agreements or obligations, from signing of contracts right through to the end of the contract period.
  6. We have put in place a 24 hour manned helpline to ensure we are easily accessible should an emergency situation arise with our customers. Phone 0333 200 0755.
  7. Any issues with our products and services will be addressed as swiftly as possible. We will ensure regular communication is maintained with our customers throughout this process until all issues reach a resolution.
  8. We will ensure our complaints procedure is readily available to any customer wishing to raise a complaint. We are committed towards ensuring all complaints are dealt with quickly and fairly.
  9. We will regularly consult with our customers on products and services received to continually improve the levels of our customer service.
  10. Should a customer change their mind for any reason, we will work together with them to find a resolution without prejudice.