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Our business solar panels are a cost-saving alternative to traditional energy


Solar power is fast becoming the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions worldwide due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility and speed of deployment. Unmatched expertise allows us to offer a fully-funded solution, customised to your needs, where electricity is delivered and billed directly through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

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Fully-funded solution

Lightsource is already supplying solar panels to a wide range of businesses, big and small. Our in-house team will assist you every step of the way, from financing to construction, connection to maintenance, providing you with a reliable source of electricity. Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) provide businesses with fixed-cost electricity prices and significant savings from day one. We will assess your needs and create a tailored solution to suit your business whilst ensuring no disruption to daily operations.

Case Studies


Belfast International Airport

BIA now benefits from renewable energy from our nearby solar farm at Crookedstone Road – now connected directly into the aiport’s private network – providing 27% of their annual electricity demand.



Dunsfold Park

The home of BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ track now benefits from renewable energy provided directly by private wire from solar PV panels installed by Lightsource.



Howbery Business Park

The 3000 panels installed by Lightsource provide Howbery Business Park with energy at a low fixed rate via a private wire through a dedicated power station.

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Why now?

Energy is evolving, with non-commodity prices rising steadily and commodity prices remaining volatile. Recent years have seen an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and changes to energy policy. However, our proven business solution does not rely on government subsidy which affords our clients protection from such uncertainty. We understand the energy needs of businesses and can provide a hassle-free, zero-capex solution that works for you.


Indicative UK Electricity Price vs Lightsource Solar PPA

Bespoke solutions

Off-site supply


For larger requirements, we are often able to build a solar farm nearby to power your facility via a private wire.




For those with suitable roofs, solar can be integrated into your building and power your activities directly.


Lift & Shift


For applications such as the mining industry we can offer a solar solution to bolster existing on-site generation.

Floating solar


We are able to provide floating PV solutions for applications close to a body of water such as a reservoir.

Featured Projects

Thames Water: QE2 Reservoir

Europe’s biggest ever floating solar panel array has been installed by Lightsource Renewable Energy on London’s Queen Elizabeth II reservoir as part of Thames Water’s ambitious bid to self-generate...


Belfast International Airport: Crookedstone Road

Lightsource Renewable Energy, Europe’s leading solar energy company, has developed and connected Northern Ireland’s first ever large-scale solar farm. This pioneering renewable energy project is also the first ground...


Promens Packaging

Formerly the UK’s largest, this roof-top solar installation at Promens Packaging, North Suffolk, is playing a major role in highlighting the importance of solar energy in the UK’s future...


Dunsfold Park Solar Farm

Best known as home to the BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ race track, Dunsfold Park turned heads in 2011 as the first business park in Surrey to be powered entirely by...


AmeyCespa: Chittering Solar Farm

Chittering Solar Farm in Cambridgeshire is comprised of over 20,000 solar panels for a total installed capacity of 5MW. This large scale solar farm generates up to 4552MWh annually,...


Bentley Motors

Over 20,000 solar panels with a capacity of over 5MW have been fixed to the roof of Bentley’s factory in Crewe, making use of 3.45 hectares of roof space which...


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